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  • Home Health
  • Rehabilitation
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  • Home Care Home Care
  • Skilled Nursing Skilled Nursing
  • Home Health Home Health
  • Rehabilitation Rehabilitation
  • Independent Living Independent Living
  • Assisted Living Assisted Living
  • Memory Care Memory Care
  • Hospice Hospice

Home Care

Keeping seniors healthy and at home is the purpose behind SCC. Often, some home assistance makes all the difference between being successful and considering a more supported living arrangement.
From chores, to transportation, medication reminders and 24-hour care, our Home Care network of services offer an array of support to help families help themselves.

Skilled Nursing

Our skilled nursing services emphasize short-stay rehabilitation, with a focus on medically complex cases. After illness or injury requires hospitalization, the Signature CareConnect™ (SCC) skilled nursing programs are frequently used to stabilize medical conditions and initiate comprehensive rehabilitation.

Home Health

Home Health is prescribed by a doctor to continue treatment and recovery within a home setting. These services are usually short-term and the frequency and occasions of visits are determined during the first visit by a licensed health care professional. SCC Home Health specialists focus on teaching the patient, family, and caregivers the skills necessary to assist with a patient’s recovery. Home-bound patients require intermittent visits and may receive the following services as appropriate:

  • Skilled Nursing
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Medical Social Work
  • Nutritional Counseling


Rehabilitation is a theme throughout the SCC network. From brief inpatient stays at our skilled nursing centers, to home health rehabilitation, to our on-site clinics in many of our Assisted Living Facilities, our belief is that early identification and intervention with rehabilitation can speed recovery, restore health and well-being and help seniors avoid preventable declines that result from loss of strength and balance.

Independent Living

Gracious, supported living—retirement style. For seniors over 65, SCC independent living options include meals, life- enrichment activities and housekeeping services. This level of support allows seniors to spend their time and energy on what they want to do, rather than focusing on the stresses of maintaining a home.

Assisted Living

Designed with a social model in mind, the SCC network of assisted living facilities and personnel provide care and support for seniors who need help with personal care in addition to meals, life enrichment, and nursing supervision

With facilities located throughout Oregon and Washington the SCC network of assisted living promotes a community lifestyle that promotes independence and respects an individual’s privacy.

Memory Care

The SCC network specializes in custom programming and environments for memory-impaired seniors—irrespective of level of care. These comprehensive programs ease the stress for patients and families that accompanies progressive memory loss and provide resources that enhance the quality of life for the patient.


When aggressive treatment is no longer tolerated or desired, our SCC Hospice services can assist individuals and families in managing symptoms of chronic illness, so that quality of life can be enjoyed. Hospice is about living the best life you can.

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